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The Adventures of Rumplepimple

Life isn’t easy when your big sister is an annoying cat and your moms can’t understand a word you say. But that doesn’t stop Rumplepimple from saving the day in a most unusual way. Find out how a car ride transforms a naughty terrier into a grocery store hero.

Written by: Suzanne DeWitt Hall, Illustrated by: Kevvo

The Child in the Mothers’ Hearts

The book is a picture book intended to be read to children adopted by lesbian couples. It is the story of the adoption process in its simplest terms: that all children begin in the hearts of their patents. It can also be read to children by parents or teachers to help understand the diverse family arrangements.

Written by: Paul Janson, Illustrated by: Kevvo

Tales From My High School Locker: Diary of a Class Clown

A hilarious collection of stories from the high school life. “Tales from My High School Locker” tells wild antics that we can all relate to.

Written by: Keegan Garner, Illustrated by: Kevvo


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